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At Bastion we are not only focused on the delivery of quality buildings to our customers or attaining the best financial results, but it's about the way we conduct ourselves in business , always striving to build relationships with the wider community and build a reputation for social responsibility.

We operate as a socially responsible entity. We embrace this ethos which we believe brings great benefits to our staff, subcontractors and the broader community in which we operate. In particular, we see long-term benefits to our business in the adoption of a responsible approach; which we feel, will improve our operational performance, profitability and long term growth.

As a construction company operating in multiple environments we are able to make a positive contribution by:

  • Supporting local businesses, communities and people.
  • Offering and maintaining employment among our communities.
  • Assisting and encouraging our staff in their own professional development.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our projects by careful management.
  • Environment
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    Bastion has a social responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment is foremost in everything we do. Download our Environment Policy directly from our website.

    We are committed to this policy through the following measures:

  • We ensure that we maintain standards in-line with current environmental legislation.
  • We monitor and maintain our waste management policies to ensure we are optimising our strategies to minimise impact to the environment.
  • We ensure that our site-based activities are carefully planned and risk-assessed to prevent pollution.
  • We ensure that all stakeholders involved in project delivery adopt or maintain similar environmental standards to us.
  • Our staff members are trained to understand their responsibilities as part of our environmental policy.
  • We monitor and constantly update our policies to ensure we are maintaining the highest standards for long-term sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Safety & Health
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    At Bastion, safety is our priority. Our managing director, Wayne Merrigan, B.Sc. Surv., Dip. C. Econ. MRICS, ASCS., assumes personal responsibility for the safe management of all our operations.

    We are proud of our safety record; despite operating in a traditionally hazardous industry, through the prioritisation and implementation of our safety management system, we have not had any serious accidents, incidences or occurrences on any of our sites. Download our Safety Statement directly from our website.

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    The cornerstone of our success has been our commitment to the delivery of the highest quality product. We have been able to achieve this through rigorous implementation and continuous improvement of our quality control procedures throughout the business. In this manner, our quality permeates not only through our physical product and buildings, but also through our personnel and supply chain.

    Our management and entire team understand that our clients deserve their projects to be delivered to the highest standards of excellence, ultimately, leading to the improvement of the lifecycle of our clients’ buildings and property.

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    Our management plays a critical role in leading the pursuit of responsible business practices, and specifically the implementation of our environmental policy and respective systems. As an integral part of this policy we focus on improving our practice and operations to reduce their impact on the environment through the following goals:

  • Active reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Responsible and sustainable material procurement policies.
  • Ethical waste management long term policies are always used.
  • Innovation towards carbon neutral buildings.
  • Ethics
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    The cornerstone of our business ethos has always been based on the highest levels of professional behaviour, honesty and integrity. Our management team lead from the front in respect of maintaining our ethical standards; thereby ensuring that our employees and our supply chain maintain similar standards through the following areas:

  • Always acting with honesty and integrity;
  • Corporate accountability;
  • Equality for all;
  • Adherence to legislation and ‘Good Practice;
  • Respect for human rights;
  • Supporting local businesses, communities and people;
  • Offering and maintaining employment among our communities;
  • Assisting and encouraging our staff in their own professional development;
  • Assisting and encouraging our staff in their own professional development;